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About 5 months ago I was flown to Atlanta, Georgia to photograph a striking 4-day Ismaili wedding.
Just like all multi-day Indian weddings, there were lots of cultural ceremonies, great variety of beautiful and colorful Indian outfits for the groom and bride, and hours of dancing for countless guests.
The primary wedding day was held at an extravagance JW Marriott. With the fast paced schedule, the majority of the wedding was covered in the journalistic approach, but I was happy when I obtained a chance to spend about 40 minutes with the couple, taking creative pictures around JW Marriott.
It was my very first time photographing a wedding in Atlanta, GA and everybody else I met was very welcoming and friendly. Apart from the bride and groom’s family and friends, at every gas station, restaurant and convenience store, locals would initiate a conversation that sometime would carry on for 5-10 minutes. At one gas station I gathered around 20 people because they were all inspecting our new Canadian bills and chatting about our cold winter months.: ) Extra as a result of Atlanta’s Envi Event Planning team for keeping me informed every step of the way.
Bellow are some photographs from the complete event. With about 1200 gorgeous images from 4 days I’ve attemptedto pick only 100 for this post. I am hoping they'd have the ability to tell the wedding story of the beautiful couple, their culture and traditions.
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